A downloadable Policy Simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The boat people must be stopped!

Use any means necessary to stop those filthy foreigners invading your country and grabbing themselves a slice of your pie. Literally.

Of course, you'll have to let some in if you want your economy to function. Maybe just the smart ones...

Made for the "Desert Bus Game Jam" 2014 in Paris, France. The theme was "refuge", obviously.

Music by Georges Abitbol.

Disclaimer: no, I'm not a Neo-Nazi, this game is a parody. Do not try this at home and, more importantly, do not elect any officials who do this sort of thing on your behalf.

I mean, that would be insane. Why would you do that? Why!?

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Tagsaustralia, desert-bus, jam, Management, news-game, Parody, political, simulator, Tower Defense

Install instructions

Due to the way LOVE 2D games are built Windows Mac and Linux users can launch the Windows executable using LOVE 0.9 as though it were a .love file.

Or you can just use WINE.


Desert Bus Jam 8 MB